A Journey of Dyan Gitaloka Santhi, SST Par


Known as Dyan Ervandi, the mother of a lovely girl named Odyssa Viola Novania has a quite lengthy full name, Dyan Gitaloka Santhi, SST Par. Dyan was born to a father who was both a businessman and a painter, and to a mother who was keen on chanting keroncong tunes. Her parents’ profession and preoccupations colored her childhood, and in effect Dyan grew up having art running in her blood and keen business instincts. Her sense of art and business eventually formed a synergy, which brought her to her initial step towards becoming a professional wedding planner.

The world of weddings & events in which she has engaged herself is not something new to her. She started out by working as a radio announcer in several private radio stations back in the 1990’s, including a female radio station, a male radio station, and a news radio station to name a few. The profession of a broadcaster shaped her into someone who is accustomed to being a speaker in public whether as a narrator or MC. Dyan frequently had a chance to serve as an MC in a number of events, both local and national. It is from such public speaking jobs that Dyan had the opportunity to take part in organizing the logistics for the events, namely a number of events held in the campus of Udayana University where she was studying majoring in Tourism Study, and several live music events in Bali.